Branding, Graphic Design

Moon Readers Bern

"Moon Readers Bern" is a fictional book club in Bern. This project was part of my studies. The book club was aimed at young women and girls, English speakers, who liked to read fantasy and science fiction. We had to design three different means of communication. I decided on a website, a bookmark and a book cover. The bookmark could be handed out like flyers to spread awareness of the club. The book cover was meant to be part of a guerilla campaign. It could be distributed in libraries and bookstores and be hidden in the bookshelves on different books.


Since the book club was aimed at science fiction lovers I wanted the color pallette to reflect that. A lot of books and movies in that genre use oranges and blue. The meaning of the glasses in the logo is threefold: a lot of avid readers need glasses nowadays, there's reading glasses and a small easter egg since I'm an avid reader myself who's had glasses for ages. For the Font I used "Regulator Nova", which has that futuristic vibe and an unexpected edge to some of the letters, just like a good book. The second font used in the project is "Active", which was used for the disruptive messages. The font has a quickly handwritten vibe and serves as an appropriate opposite to "Regulator Nova".