Content Production, Website, Social Media


Going to concerts is one of my passions. In 2017 my friend and I decided to start "Concertravellers" – an Instagram account that helps us keep track of the concerts we went to and is a place for all of our memories. The prject now spans the aforementioned Instagram account, a small platform on YouTube as well as a website, that's went through a couple of iterations.


The first step was creating a logo. We wanted to incorporate live music with a symbol and decided on a microphone stand. At one point we had two logos in use: the one with the whole name and the icon. With time we abandoned the whole name logo and are now only working with the shorter one. Concertravellers had two different websites: the first one I coded myself and was based solely on HTML/CSS. The next was based on WordPress and has also been built ground up by myself. As of this monent, the website is offline as it's undergoing a revamp.